Standard OEM luminaires

With „ready fit“ OEM standard luminaires by Jordan you can immediately get started with your lighting projects on highest technical level without any development expenses and tooling investment.

Family ties

From the iconic ancestor of our OEM standard luminaires ATO 111 to the youngest and tiniest offspring BTO 50 all members of the design families ATO, BTO and LINE:E are characterised by their unmistakable, clear and consistent design language.

As if on rails

your projects in shop and retail ligthing will run with OEM tracklights by Jordan – bursting with strength like our lumen monster ATO or with style and understatement à la BTO.

Going through the roof

really won´t be necessary, but in the ceiling our downlights cut a fine figure – and if their name is SWIVEL, they are even very agile.

Just hang out

that´s what our BTO pendants like to do most  – longer or shorter.

Getting everything in line

even as standard-compliant office lighting – the single luminaire versions of our LINE:E linear system   will do that with pleasure – also direct/indirect.


top performances in the retail sector – the continuous row workhorses of our LINE:E family do not only perform, thanks to „click-it-easy“ they are also easy to install, feature a classy design, offer a wide range of different light distributions and are sometimes long, sometimes short and if needed even come with track light or dummy inserts.

Standard but at the same time a little bit a-la-carte

because for our „ready fit“ OEM luminaires you can compose a menu from various pre-selected ingredients:

Design: ATO, BTO or LINE:E
Type: tracklight, downlight, pendant or linear luminaire
Colour black, white, silver
Light distribution:
(depending on luminaire type)
Superspot, Spot, Medium, Flood, Wide Flood, Oval, Sym, Asym, 80°, 90° etc
CRI: 80 or 90
Colour temperature: 2700K – 3000K – 4000K
Control: ON/OFF, DALI, Wireless
Column 1 Value 8 Column 2 Value 8

We are happy to add accessories to your luminaire upon request such as honeycomb louvre, protection glass or film or realise different configurations e.g. with application based colour temperatures for food.

Be fair and compare

is our principle and our request to you – or what was it again with that fruit?

For our luminaires are Made in Germany and generally significantly more (energy) efficient, are using premium components as e.g. LEDs with a lifetime of 50.000h L90/B10, they have up to 20% higher intensities and a light quality with a very homogeneous light pattern and no colour shift.