Linear luminaires are versatile in use

Whether norm compliant aesthete in the office (UGR <19), ultra-efficient workhorse in the supermarket or visual eye-catcher in the retail worlds of the fashionistas – linear luminaires are the creative tool in lighting design.

Available as continuous row system or single luminaires, for the 3-phase track or as suspended or surface-mounted fittings linear luminaires provide almost unlimited freedom of lighting design.

Different tracklight inserts, optics and reflectors and numerous accessories like corner connectors, dummy units, wire suspensions etc. definitely make Jordan LINE:E linear luminaires a versatile lighting chameleon with a system.

In a continuous row system they eat up miles as team players and get along well with tracklight inserts and dummy units, turn the corner, feel at ease in their mounting rail or just hang out.

Linear luminaires optimally illuminate aisles and shelves

In their usual retail lighting working environment Jordan LINE:E linear luminaires provide optimum aisle and rack illumination and contribute to the requested shopping experience.
In doing so they always stay pragmatic and quickly become installer´s darling due to their snap-it-easy mounting system.

Norm-compliant linear luminaires for offices

But it hasn´t to be this way: as single luminaires for office lighting applications they are a solitaire with design appeal, do not only create an ambience directly, but also the direct-indirect way and thanks to UGR < 19 they comply with the norms for VDU workplaces, too.

Jordan OEM linear luminaires also fulfil the requirements for eligibility

Similar to their round colleagues from the track and downlight division Jordan linear luminaires in essence are standardised individualists with a range of configuration options regarding current feeds, beam angle characteristics (40° HR, 60° WIDE, 70°, 80° RETAIL SYM, RETAIL ASYM, 90° EXTRA WIDE or 100° ), light colours (3000K or 4000K) or colour rendering (CRI 82 or CRI 92).

They are flexible and varied in terms of lengths and colours, too – shorter or longer, in different standard colours or custom colours upon request

In addition they can be equipped with control systems such as Casambi or DALI and feature options for emergency lighting,too.