Downlights provide harmonious general lighting with visual comfort and a reserved appearance

Downlights are in need of harmony – the less you notice them, the better they are. For downlights hold back visually, but are nevertheless effective and efficient room brighteners and always perfecly integrated into the ceiling. Thanks to their reduced formal language downlights blend in harmoniously with any kind of architecture and create a calm, uniform ceiling appearance with a pleasant visual comfort and a homogeneous, glare-free lighting effect.

Downlights as the perfect complement to a harmonious lighting concept

As the artists of general lighting and in addition to a coherent lighting concept downlights set the scene for their extroverted colleagues from the track.

Despite holding back, downlights however can also be real lumen monsters, but with relevant controlling systems such as DALI or Casambi you can easily get a grip on their excess power.

Yet the Jordan downlight families ATO and BTO cannot deny the family ties with their flashier family members. In terms of design language they are completely in line and consequently blend in harmoniously with the overall appearance.

They too are varied and flexible – larger or smaller, in different standard or custom colours upon request or with customised mounting or spacer rings and springs.

Jordan OEM downlights actively support energy saving

No matter whether ATO or BTO – Jordan downlights are true energy savers, because they all feature segmented reflectors with the high efficient Jordan ULTRA technology i.e. they reach up to 12% more LOR and up to 20 % more reflected light compared to luminaires with conventional reflectors. Moreover they provide a quality of light with a very homogeneous light pattern free of colour shifts.

Our downlights are individualizable 

Jordan downlights are standardised individualists with a range of project-related, virtually bite-sized configuration options concerning the beam angles (SUPER SPOT, SPOT, MEDIUM, FLOOD or WIDE FLOOD), the light colours (2700K, 3000K or 4000K) or the colour rendering (CRI 82 or CRI 92).

And of course there are useful accessories as well – honeycomb louvres, protection films or protection glass provide that little bit extra safety or visual comfort, ULTRA OVAL reflectors even an elliptical light distribution.