so that you can concentrate wholeheartedly on supporting and realising your lighting projects successfully.

We take care of it – promise!

Showing the way

Being experts in light control we and our reflector designs get the light rays exactly where you want them.

Don´t let up

For you we are always chasing lux and lumens and the optimum light quality. We even spend hours and days in the total darkness of our light lab until we achieve the best result for your light.

Not only on paper

your light is in good hands with us – but also.
After all, we simulate, measure and document everything for you, so that you can use the results directly in your projects.

Nice surprises only

Because in contrary to many mere design and development specialists we know what is feasible in production. We let our cursors fly across the screen until we have found the perfect synergy between your die cast component design and a construction that is most suitable for casting. This is the only way to guarantee a consistentyl high quality and accurate fit.

Always keep cool

Thanks to our sophisticated thermal management your luminaires even keep cool while your competitors already feel beads of sweat on their forehead – for our motto in luminaire development is: safety first!

Spoiled for choice

You can leave the jungle of electronical components to us.

For you we fight our way through COB, LES, Kelvin or dim-to-warm. With our expertise from countless luminaire developments we select perfectly matching components such as LED and drivers that fit best to your application.


upon request – for we are happy to coordinate and take care of the procurement for you as well i.e. we save you long discussions with suppliers widely scattered all over the world, sore fingers and hot ears from phoning and chasing deliveries or even stress-related sleepless nights.

Our all-round carefree package means for you: one supplier, one contact, one delivery date –  all that just around the corner and in the same time zone.

As deep as you want it

is our vertical range of manufacturing – luminaires completely designed and produced by us,  assembly of components provided by you or the supply of pre-assembled sub-assemblies or unassembled luminaire kits.


completely from one source.

Reflectors, aluminium die cast, sheet metal parts, powder painting– thus everything, which qualifies a lighting fitting as good luminaire, comes from our factories in Germany and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

We are always on fire and electrified.

Not only, because we are passionate for your projects, but especially because we electrify your luminaires and execute the final electrical quality control by means of standardised test equipment.

Bite-Sized and never under false flag

we ship out your light according to your packaging, labelling and shipping instructions.

Quality is a must.

And we go the whole hog with that – starting with the education and training of our colleagues in the R&D department and the selection of high efficient reflector materials with  Miro®Silver coating up to the thermal design of housings and heat sinks.

So, if you compare in a fair way and take a closer look, you will notice that also the carefully selected electronical components installed meet the very highest standards as regards efficacy and lifetime.

All that goes along with German quality management and ISO:9001 certification in our plant in Bosnien and Herzegovina, too.

Many pennies make a dollar

At Jordan you can order that one luminaire in that very special colour or with that specific LED, that completes the big picture and makes you win the bid – just ask!

We buffer and cushion

bottle necks and peaks by proactive procurement and stockkeeping agreements with you to be able to react fast and flexible to your needs.

Because we promised you that we will take care!