By relocating die casting production from China to Bosnia and Herzegovina we have quite deliberately chosen to strengthen our manufacturing sites in Europe and taken a decision in favour of the proximity to our customers and markets, because we clearly see our future and strengths in a production in Europe for Europe.

We are Europeans with enthusiasm and conviction and love the cultural diversity, these little quirks and peculiarities of our European neighbours and stand by our German Gründlichkeit. And even when this thoroughness sometimes hits laissez-faire, dolcefarniente or spontaneous pragmatism … together we will always find a a solution.

For finally we speak the same language …

Admittedly, there are still some foreign language deficits, but in additon to German we manage to do quite OK in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish or Dutch as well.

Aren´t these good prerequisites?

We are literally just next door – and so is our logistics, too

Rooted in the heart of Europe and located close to some main logistical hubs, we ensure short transport routes and a flexible and fast supply and by this make sure that weeks of waiting for sea freight shipments or exploding costs for air freights will be a thing of the past for you.

The ecological footprint of your luminaires is massively reduced in passing, too.
Not a bad side effect, right?

For us logistics already starts with procurement and does not stop with delivery. Because if requested we take care of the procurement logistics for you as well and – depending on mutual agreements – offer different stockage models for the finished reflectors, luminaires or components.

And should nevertheless severe problems or a need for a personal exchange on site arise… we will be with you faster than you might like.