Pendant luminaires are light sources and decorative eye-catchers

A pendant luminaire attracts all eyes, although it only wants to hang out. Pendant luminaires are more than just light fittings, they are decorative highlights and personalities in their ambience.

Jordan OEM pendant luminaires offer various mounting options.

Jordan pendant luminaires love to hit the ceiling and they can do it in many different ways. Different ceiling fixations with a grid or a canopy as well as a 3-phase track mounting option ensure that they can pursue their favourite pastime – hanging out. As the wire suspension length can be defined individually and be supplied made-to-measure, they can hang out longer or shorter.

Like all other Jordan luminaires they are available in different sizes , standard or custom made colours.

Our pendant luminaires are ultra-efficient, too

No matter which product you go for: they all feature segmented reflectors with the high efficient Jordan ULTRA technology i.e. they reach up to 12% more LOR and up to 20 % more reflected light compared to luminaires with conventional reflectors. Moreover they provide a quality of light with a very homogeneous light pattern free of colour shifts.

Jordan OEM pendant luminaires are full of options

Jordan pendant luminaires offer the well-known comprehensive range of configuration opportunities of all standard OEM families concerning beam angles (SPOT, MEDIUM, FLOOD or WIDE FLOOD), light colours (2700K, 3000K or 4000K) or colour rendering
(CRI 82 or CRI 92).

Moreover there are useful accessories as well – honeycomb louvres, protection films or protection glass provide that little bit extra safety or visual comfort, ULTRA OVAL reflectors even an elliptical light distribution.