Using directional downlights to react to changing situations and set accents

Being simply recessed with a rigid stance will never satisfy a true directional downlight.
A directional downlight wants to peep out of the ceiling and turn heads – not for its own sake, but to react to constantly changing ambient and lighting situations and to set a course.

Directional downlights combine flexibility and a harmonious appearance

Different from their reserved relatives – the plain downlights – directional downlights will not beat about the bush with their qualities – rightly!. Because directional downlights are the perfect symbiosis from extroverted accentuation and understatement. They combine the flexibility of tracklights with the harmonious look of recessed lighting.

Accent lighting is their profession. Their agility based on rotation and swivel mechanisms allows them to fully commit themselves to the illumination of objects or vertical surfaces. Directional downlights are subtle architectural details with that certain „je ne sais quoi“ and a little extra sophistication and can be perfectly combined with their reserved and discreet relatives.

Directional downlights as well feature lumen packages with sufficient power and can conveniently be controlled via DALI or Casambi.

Jordan OEM directional downlights speak a clear design language

Jordan directional downlights attach the utmost importance to their affiliation with the design families ATO and BTO. With their consistent design they speak a clear language of form and blend harmoniously with the overall appearance.

Like all other Jordan OEM luminaires they too are varied and flexible – larger or smaller, in different standard colours or custom colours upon request or with customised mounting or spacer rings and springs.

Our directional downlights have an ultra-efficient heart

No matter whether ATO or BTO – Jordan directional downlights are true energy savers, because they all feature segmented reflectors with the high efficient Jordan ULTRA technology i.e. they reach up to 12% more LOR and up to 20 % more reflected light compared to luminaires with conventional reflectors. Moreover they provide a quality of light with a very homogeneous light pattern free of colour shifts.

Jordan directional downlights with a lot of configuration options

Jordan directional downlights propose the complete bandwith of configuration options regarding beam angles (SPOT, MEDIUM, FLOOD or WIDE FLOOD), light colours (2700K, 3000K or 4000K) or colour rendering (CRI 82 or CRI 92).

Moreover there are useful accessories as well – honeycomb louvres, protection films or protection glass provide that little bit extra safety or visual comfort, ULTRA OVAL reflectors even an elliptical light distribution.