1. We stand for diversity

And we do not care at all, if this diversity concerns social origin, apperance, sexual identity or religious (non)affiliation. For us people are always people, no matter which differences there might be between us. Only this diversity makes life exciting for us and enriches our everyday life.

2. Absolute no-gos

in our daily dealings with each other and in our relationship to customers, suppliers and partners will lead to a clear and unequivocal response and reaction.

Because we do not play along with forced or child labour, corruption or infringement of intellectual property just as little as with discrimination, mobbing or harassment at work.

3. A Jordan-promise is a promise

For we stick to our decisions and can at any time communicate, explain and justify our actions towards our customers, suppliers and colleagues.

4. Always stay fair

We want to grow profitably – not for self-interest only, but especially to be able to pay our employees fair salaries, our suppliers a fair price and to invest reasonably.

5. It´s a two-way-street

We believe that a collaboration should be fun for both parties.
In our relationships towards our suppliers and partners we therefore always attach importance to mutual benefit and the possibility to create added value on both sides.

6. Satisfaction pays off

Even if we perhaps might not reach the feel-good atmosphere of your own home, we work on a positive working climate in a balanced environment every day.

For we always lend our customers, partners and employees an ear (or two), to clear up problems and to achieve a high level of satisfaction.

7. With us you will not become less smart

For us continuous Human Resources Development means pro-active incentives, motivation and providing impulses for the qualification of our staff – be it by internal or external training, further education, supporting our trainees and apprentices with their parallel studies etc.

8. We take care of our environmental footprint

And not only produce sustainable products, but also conserve resources and reduce emissions and waste to a minimum within the scope of the technically feasible and the economically justifiable.

9. We play it safe

regarding the protection of our employees.
Our qualified experts are always up to date concerning work safety. They regularly control, optimise and correct procedures and processes and train the staff in order to prevent errors. Possible risks are constantly detected and evaluated, to avoid any accidents.

10. We guarantee

Our employees, customers, suppliers and partners to comply with all legal, safety-relevant and environmental requirements and regulations and ensure a high grade of facility safety and availability.

11. We put ourselves to the test

and we gladly show it to you black on white, because our plants are audited and ISO certified regularly.

12. Open and honest

pro-active and trustworthy – that´s how our communication towards customers, suppliers, employees, neighbours, authorities and other institutions is like.