Tracklights offer flexibility

Tracklights just cannot stand still and always want to try something new, for they are true talents in motion and love to be turned, slid and swivelled in their 3-phase track at will.

Goods are staged effectively by tracklights

They always want to get to the point and accent or be re-arranged. With their different beam angles they make every space their stage and orchestrate the product presentation effecticvely.

Tracklights are team players, but individualists at the same time, for in their 3-phase track they can be switched and dimmed independently or collectively provide the perfect lighting scene.

Tracklights fresh up, when they make food look fresh and natural by means of special light colours.

Tracklights can be powerhouses with quite some lumens „under the (housing) hood“
As minimalists with less power but a lot of glare control they create a cozy and atmospheric ambience.

Jordan OEM tracklights speak various design languages

But tracklights also are some eye candy for architects, fashionistas and the design loving, because their look can either be an eye-catcher as ATO, the iconic ancestor of the Jordan tracklight families, or play on understatement as the puristic BTO family with its clean and stylish look.

Both tracklight families ATO and BTO impress with the variety of products and the consistent design language of their family members – whether larger or smaller, shorter or longer, in white, black, silver or custom colours upon request.

With tracklights made by Jordan efficacy and light quality enter a perfect symbiosis

No matter whether ATO or BTO – Jordan luminaires for 3-phase tracks are true energy savers, because they all feature segmented reflectors with the high efficient Jordan ULTRA technology i.e. they reach up to 12% more LOR and up to 20 % more reflected light compared to luminaires with conventional reflectors. Moreover they provide a quality of light with a very homogeneous light pattern free of colour shifts.

Our OEM tracklights offer a wide range of configuration and accessory options

Jordan tracklights don´t want to be reduced to off the rack products with limited choice, but come with various configuration options as standard already – virtually à la carte – be it concerning the beam angles (SUPER SPOT, SPOT, MEDIUM, FLOOD or WIDE FLOOD), the light colours (2700K, 3000K or 4000K) or the colour rendering (CRI 82 or CRI 92).
So they photometrically move with confidence in any circle and provide a successful orchestration.

But they master more than just photometry, they can be controlled just as you like – no matter, if the helmsman is called ON/OFF, DALI or CASAMBI etc.

And of course there are useful accessories as well – honeycomb louvres, protection films or protection glass provide that little bit extra safety or visual comfort, ULTRA OVAL reflectors even an elliptical light distribution.